how to market to insurance agents, how to market to property managers

If you are looking for ways to expand your reach as a trusted restoration company within your local market, it can pay to make friends with insurance agents and property managers. These two demographics can be a great source of property damage and water damage leads. However, it is not enough to simply hope or expect these relationships to develop on their own – they require work. Knowing how to pursue these interactions can be tricky. Today, Restoration Digital Marketing provides helpful tips for social engagement with your neighborhood agents and property managers. Then, we will take a look at a case study in which engagement of these groups pays off.

Approaching Insurance Agents & Property Managers

Referrals from insurance agents and property managers generally are not born in the midst of a disaster. Keeping your restoration company top of mind requires a certain investment and reciprocal approach that happens between mitigation jobs. By attending to agents and property managers, you are able to focus on an accessible market that can pay dividends in the long run.

Many restoration companies have mastered the introductory marketing portion to insurance agents. However, they struggle to build, or eventually neglect, the relationship that is required to gain jobs.

How to Market to Insurance Agents & Property Managers

All good things take time. In the restoration industry, you want to be great! Use this sample timeline to hone your strategy.

Months 1-3: Introduce Yourself & Your Company

introducing your company to agents and managers

You would never approach a stranger on the street and expect them to immediately want to join you for dinner.

During this phase, you will need to develop a consistent presence at the office. Introduce yourself and the company you’re representing. Bring a business card, informational pamphlet, magnet, or some other branded item to build recognition.

Continue to stop by periodically to say hello and understand your potential client’s pains and needs.

Months 3-6: Build Trust & Equity

build equity and trust

Schedule equitable building events that benefit both your company as well as the insurance agents and property managers to whom you are marketing.

Methods for Strengthening the Relationship

  • Host lunch and learns
  • Host CE classes
  • Office meeting presentations
  • Do regular drop-ins at insurance agencies

These are all great ways to get yourself in the door with a value-added approach. Once you have shown the insurance agent and property manager you are there to help them and you will be around for a while, it’s time to start developing the relationship. People buy from people they trust.

Months 6-9: Create a connection

marketing to property managers

Now that you have provided some value to the agent or property manager, it is appropriate to schedule a simple one-on-one event. A lunch or coffee break is a perfect way to nurture the relationship. This shared time allows both parties to fully focus their attention outside of the office while establishing common goals and interests. By taking care of your markets, you can assure that they will return the favor later on.

Months 9+: Have some fun! True friendship/relationship

social events

You have done the initial legwork of building credibility and trust. At this point, you can start scheduling longer events and group events.

Consider a few of these options:

  • Wine tasting at a local vineyard
  • Brewery tours
  • Zip lining
  • Escape rooms
  • Sporting events
  • Candle making classes
  • Axe throwing
  • Top Golf
  • City tours
  • Holiday parades and events
  • Dinners

Put it on a calendar, have one scheduled for every month and be consistent!

Hosting an after-hours social event is the perfect way to make the personal connection needed to garner the respect needed for a future recommendation. The timing of the event allows agents and managers to fully focus on developing this rapport as opposed to disturbing them in the middle of their workday. That is key, you don’t want to only be known as the person who disrupts them in the middle of their workday. For their boss to be upset.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Events

  • The devil is in the details! Planning matters. Brainstorm and have a social calendar released at beginning of the year so that agents and property managers can plan to attend. This also holds you accountable and consistent in marketing to these demographics. Add this expense to your monthly budget, allotting $250-500 per month for the event is usually enough to host small gatherings.
  • Create a ‘Social Events’ calendar with online registration that you deliver through your newsletter to get sign-ups. This strategy has allowed us to sell out events months in advance, and reach hundreds to thousands of people at the click of a button. The more consistent you are, year over year, the more familiar your market will become with your social events.
  • If you have a business development or salesperson who performs this role, you will want to be sure they have the relationship part in focus. As these relationships are built after hours and on weekends, ask yourself:
    • Are you hiring someone who has kids and sport event commitments most evenings and weekends?
    • Are you hiring someone who wants to only work 9-5?
    • Are you hiring someone who enjoys going to the newest spots and discovering interesting places?
    • Are you hiring someone who has a wide range of interests; outdoors, music, food, adventure, etc?
  • These should not be restoration events.
  • Schedule small and intimate events with a purpose. Kept it in the range of 4-10 people to ensure you can provide adequate interaction and attention to your guests.

The Results Speak for Themselves

RDM was born out of First Restoration Services of Asheville NC. When this strategy was applied, we tracked that 75% of insurance agents who attended a social event had given us work in the last 12 months, accounting for more than 20% of total revenue.

Although optimizing this method of marketing requires some energy and effort, its advantages are evident in the dollars. Marketing to insurance agents and property managers is a rather simple idea that can create a lasting impact. Ask yourself when your competitor last went on a haunted ghost tour with some of your insurance agents. These relationships can be mutually beneficial while also creating fun, lasting memories.