Do you want more water damage leads?

Are you frustrated with TPAs and wish there was another way to generate leads and sales for your business? Well, Restoration Digital Marketing is here to tell you there is another way to take back control of your business and start generating more water damage leads today!

The entire restoration industry has changed. Third Party Administrators have their hand on practically every claim (specifically residential) and not only does it cost you more time and create headaches, but they also charge you for that experience. So what are you waiting for? It's time to take the investment you have in TPAs and put that into online water damage marketing. It takes a lot of money to run a successful Third Party Administrator program, everything from:

  • TPA Manager - someone in-house to keep you on track with your time goals, submissions, estimate changes, photo uploads and much more.
  • Acting Adjuster - most restoration contractors find themselves acting as the adjuster for the TPAs, evaluating the loss, determining if the claim should be filed or not. They are using you as the adjuster which is an exhaustive use of your workforce and lowers your closing ratio.
  • Smaller Margins - so you work harder, have more stringent deadlines, but you earn more right? No! TPA work is notorious for not paying overhead, and profit and your average gross margin is significantly less with all those fees you have to pay.
  • Paperwork - let's not forget about all the paperwork, double work because they don't accept your COS (Certificate of Satisfaction), background checks and more.

Enough is enough!


It's time to harness the power of digital marketing.

With online water damage marketing, you make it work for you, not the other way around.

  • Works 24/7/365 - once you have fully established yourself as an online digital marketing player, you can sit back and let the leads roll inconsistently. It does require ongoing "maintenance," but at a fraction of the cost compared to Third Party Administrators.
  • No Commission Fees - once you receive a lead from your website or other online resources, you don't owe any fees. With Restoration Digital Marketing, you pay one low monthly rate regardless of how many water damage leads you to receive.
  • Never Takes a Break - there are no breaks, there is no surge pricing if there is an area storm.
  • Never Complains - ever have a TPA talk down to you, or discipline you over a homeowner that was impossible to make happy? With online water damage marketing, there is none of that.
  • The Future - online marketing is the future of generating leads for all local service companies. Google continually makes changes to its algorithm, and if you aren't staying up to date, it may be impossible to catch up. Get started today and start generating water damage leads online.

How can you fix your online digital marketing?

Welcome to Restoration Digital Marketing. The future of restoration marketing where you no longer do you need to hire a six-figure employee or pay for an overpriced marketing agency who doesn't understand the restoration industry or pay per lead even though you didn't sign up the job.

We are not a branding company; we don't want to change your logo, colors, and your brand. We only focus on generating water damage, fire damage and restoration leads from online for you. It's that simple. One low monthly rate no matter how many leads you get.

It’s time to pull the lever and turn your website and online presence into a lead generation machine.

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